Personalized Group Training Is Getting A Boost

New Classes Start October 13th

  1. A great deal at the fraction of the cost of individual personal training with the same individual attention and coaching from a certified personal trainer
  2. Group energy, support and camaraderie
  3. Individual results
  4. Workouts can be tailored to your needs to work around limitations and injuries
  5. Nutrition support and guidance from a Registered Dietitian (RD), not a so-called “nutritionist”
  6. You will have your very own certified personal trainer and dietitian as your personal coaching team
  7. Cutting edge equipment and workouts led by a certified personal trainer
  8. No contracts

Classes to fit your individualized needs and sports

Why Choose Elite Nutrition and Performance

What can we do for you?

At ENP we believe in a natural approach to your health and fitness. Through proper nutritional coaching and education on popular supplementation in the fitness field today we look to strengthen our clients knowledge base in order for them to make proper, informed decisions on what they need to do to maximize their potential! In order to magnify progress our trainers will work with you every day, a few times a week or just give you monthly workout plans that are custom tailored to your fitness needs. Through strength training progression and cardiovascular routines we will surprise you with the places you can go.
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Personal Training

When you work with the trainers at Elite Nutrition and Performance you get someone to put you through some of the most grueling exercise routines of your life, as well as a mentor and coach.

Personalized Group Training

Come in and get a killer workout in a personal setting. Keeping class size to a max of 4 allows us to give 100% of our attention to you to allow for maximum results from each session.

Nutrition Coaching

Have you hit a rut in your fitness journey? are you struggling through your workouts? Can’t seem to increase muscle size like you used to? Let us show you how to fuel your workouts for optimum efficiency.

Triathlon Training

Stop wasting countless hours searching the Internet for conflicting information that doesn’t apply to you! Get personalized coaching for individual results from your own sports dietitian and tri coach!
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